Tuliniemen lomam&oulm;kit
Yläpääntie 95 B | FIN-43300 Kannonkoski
Tel +358 50 592 0726

Each cottage has

in Finnish
  • sauna
  • fireplace
  • microwave oven, tv
  • strand, rowboat
Tuliniemen lomam&oulm;kit
info @ tuliniemi.com

Holiday Cottages
Yläpääntie 95 B
FIN-43300 Kannonkoski
+35850 5920726


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Welcome to Tuliniemi!


Tuliniemen lomam&oulm;kit
The Tuliniemi Holiday Cottages provide you with holiday-making facilities in a genuine country environment. We have five high-standard cottages, all of them located on peaceful sites by the lake.
Tuliniemi is most suitable for those who appreciate a vacation close to nature, as well as for families and small groups.
We have no catering but the nearby Youth Centre Piispala offers, among other things, dining services (see the map).

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Tuliniemi Holiday Cottages | Tel. +358 50 592 0726 | Yläpääntie 95 B FIN-43300 Kannonkoski
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